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We’re based right here in West Virginia. Get connected now with fast airfiber internet!

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Hello Neighbor!

We’re local2u, your local internet service provider based right here in West Virginia.

We’re here to solve your connectivity problems by providing you with reliable, high-speed internet services.

~ Kevin

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airfiber Internet


Lightning-fast speeds for seamless streaming, gaming, and working from home.

2Gbit Unlimited download speed

Up to 100Mibit upload speeds

Free access to local2u wi-fi hotspots


Bring your favorite mobile device to local2u's mobility network.

Unlimited data

Coming Soon

Fiber got you down? Get airfiber Internet.

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional fiber optics and hello to a new era of wireless internet.

Why choose

We understand the importance of connection.

That’s why we’ve set out to connect the hard to reach areas across the country, starting with West Virginia.

Lightning-fast, reliable speeds

We’ll keep you connected 24/7 so you can enjoy seamless streaming, gaming, and work from home.

We’re dedicated to your community

We are committed to bridging the gap in connectivity by focusing on underserved and remote areas.

Local support

In need of support? Speak to local support that is available to assist any of your connectivity needs.